Dinner From the Farm Box


We get our CSA box (which we call the farm box) on Fridays and often cook up the first round of fresh vegetables that night. Today’s box provided us with collard greens (cooked in an Asian sauce of rice wine vinegar and 5 spice blend–mmm, smelled amazing) and green salad with daikon radish. Not from the box, quinoa and a fresh lamb sausage from the butcher. The sausage was terrific, like a tasty lamb chop without the mess and fuss.

It went very nicely with a glass of Concannon Petite Syrah, currently my favorite go-to red wine.


3 thoughts on “Dinner From the Farm Box

  1. Please make that meal again and invite me!
    I remember a lamb sausage Whole Foods used to have with (as I recall) feta and mint. It was very good, but they don’t seem to have it anymore.

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