Saturday 3 p.m. ~ Testing Testing

Testing Testing

Addendum: It suddenly occurred to me last night, if Annie was bringing her iPhone on the trip (which she is), then I could post an occasional photo update to my blog from the islands. (Assuming we can pull the US phone signal from the BVI side of the islands.)

With Annie’s permission, I downloaded the Typepad iPhone app (which was free, quick and easy to do) and had posted the photo above in less than three minutes. Success!

This is a major reason why I’m looking forward to getting an iPhone. Photoblogging, including posting my Saturday 3 p.m. photos, will be a snap. Plus, while I know the iPhone gets a lot of crap for poor picture quality, compared to the camera phone I have now, this looks like a million bucks.

So, consider this my Saturday photo of the week. Though it wasn’t technically taken at three o’clock, I was doing the same thing I’ll be doing at three this afternoon–running around doing errands, tying up lose ends before the trip, and getting my hair cut. Tonight the crew gathers for our final pre-trip meeting. We’re in the home stretch now.


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