Books Read by the Weight

As the name of this blog will testify, my usual modus operandi is to spin two plates at the same time. That goes for cleaning house, cooking, walking. The one area of my life where that’s rarely, if ever, true is reading. I don’t like to read more than one book at a time. I never have.

Occasionally, however, circumstances lead me to juggle multiple books at once. Not since college has it been this bad. I’m currently wading my way through more than 2,000 pages, bouncing between the exciting classic thriller The Count of Monte Cristo (which I barely made a dent in on vacation) and A Team of Rivals, which I’ve already renewed once from the library. The Lincoln tome is good but not the kind of book that benefits from stopping and starting, and yet I’m so far into it that I don’t want to stop only to have to re-read it again at a later date. I can barely remember what I read two weeks ago, let alone two months or two years from now.

Alas, I need another week of vacation to just read, read, read.


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