Art and His Art

Last week’s impulse pick-up from the library (Art by Patrick McDonnell, creator of the comic strip Mutts) has quickly become Wee-J’s new favorite book. She gravitates to it throughout the day and giggles every time we get to the page with her new funny word on it–“doodle.” Think about it, “doodle” is a hilarious word.

Lots of color and creativity and very few words tell the story of a little boy named Art who loves to create art. When I checked it out from the library and our friendly librarian Martha praised the book saying, “I hope it inspires your little one,” I thought she was just being, you know, a friendly library lady. Not so. This book has been a real inspiration to the budding artist I spend time with. On numerous occasions, as soon as J and I finish reading Art, she makes a bee-line over to her craft table to draw her own “art.”

There’s been lots of talk about “art” lately. She’ll point to little Art’s paintings in the book and say “That’s art, and that’s art, and that’s art” and then we’ll be in the kitchen where her drawings are taped up on the fridge and she’ll say, “that’s art and that’s art.” And before you know it, she’s back at the art table, drawing her own squiggles and doodles. It’s amazing to see a book have such an immediate and positive effect.

If you have any young ar-teests in your world, I highly recommend this sweet and inspiring book.


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