AirPort Express: The Sweet Sound of Music, Minus the Headphones

Yesterday I was at the Apple store getting my defective MacBook battery replaced (no charge) so of course I felt I had to give them some of my money. I used the visit as an excuse to finally pick up an AirPort Express to stream music from my iTunes to the house stereo speakers. For too long now, I’ve been headphoning it while working on the laptop or plugging into a pair of tin box speakers with lousy sound, especially when in the kitchen cooking, which was a lot.

Now, in addition to much improved sound, I have the convenience of piping music wirelessly from the laptop. Sweet. The sound is great and I’m saving my ears by not relying on my headphones quite so much. My playlists will get even more of a workout and I can stream iTunes radio stations (like Radio Paradise) which I haven’t tapped into in quite a while. I can also take more advantage of the Genius feature, which I really like as a way of mixing up the music in my library. It’s a much better alternative to random shuffling through the songs, allowing me to serve up a list centered around a particular song. It’s still random but related, flowing together better than something that pulls from the entire library.

I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.


2 thoughts on “AirPort Express: The Sweet Sound of Music, Minus the Headphones

  1. “Genius” has to get better before I am totally convinced. It never seems to pull together classical music from my library, and that makes up at least 70% of my music. When iTunes stops treating its classical music customers like third class citizens, I’ll start using more of its features… and, I might add, when the surly teenagers in the Apple store start treating me with more than indifference I just might visit the store more often.
    That being said, I want an iPhone so bad I can taste it! 🙂

  2. Hmmm, I haven’t really put Genius through its paces with classical music. I’ll have to give it a try and see how it does.
    Regarding the store, I guess I’m lucky to frequent a store that’s got a fairly diverse staff (age-wise) and the three guys I dealt with were all as personable and helpful as could be without being creepy or annoying. I even saw a senior citizen on staff which made me think, good, I have an employment option years from now when my retirement fails to kick in. 🙂

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