Lollapalooza: I Can’t Believe I’m Even Half Considering This

I was listening to Blind Pilot last night and popped over to their website to see if and when they might be passing through Chicago on tour. I was surprised to discover they’re part of this summer’s Lollapalooza lineup. Then I looked at the rest of the lineup and discovered quite a few of my favorites listed: The Decemberists, Neko Case, Band of Horses, Bon Iver, Kings of Leon, Airborne Toxic Event, Animal Collective, TV on the Radio. Enough to definitely make me think it might be worth the price of admission for the three day festival.

Let me stop right there. The fact that I even entertained this idea for more than five minutes is hilarious since a) I hate crowds, b) I hate standing and listening to live music (I’m short), c) unless it’s an opera, I’m not much for live music in large venues, d) I’m “old.” Even when I was in my twenties, the idea of standing at a music festival for hours (and days) in a hot summer crowd wasn’t my idea of fun.

But, then again…


3 thoughts on “Lollapalooza: I Can’t Believe I’m Even Half Considering This

  1. I went to Glastonbury with my sister (7 years ago) and although I’ll probably never go again, I look back on it as something I’m glad I did. I say go.

  2. I think we need to develop a festival called Oldapalooza for people like us. It will have really cool bands, but also seats, air conditioning and plenty of bottled water. And foot massages.
    P.S. This is Megan from the old V.A. days. I’ve been lurking and reading your blog! I’ll prob run into you at the Farmer’s Market once it starts up.

  3. Kristy–I haven’t quite ruled it out yet.
    Megan–Great to hear from you! Thanks for delurking and dropping a comment. I’ll see you at the market.

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