Happy Mentor’s Day

As someone who hasn’t celebrated Mother’s Day for 29 years, I’ve decided a good way to treat the day, as well as be more inclusive, might be to change it to Happy Mentor’s Day–a special day to honor those women who came before us who inspire and encourage us, each in their own way. (The same could apply to father’s, of course.) This way, not only could those of us who no longer have a blood relative to celebrate could get in on the act, but we could honor the many women who touch our lives with their unique perspective, passion and support.

So, on this day I would like to tip my hat, raise my glass, and wholeheartedly thank Jan, Ruthe, and my step-mother Diana for their friendship, good humor, invaluable encouragement, and inspiration by example. I’m thankful our paths on this planet have crossed many times over.


4 thoughts on “Happy Mentor’s Day

  1. Hear, hear! Let me add to your list several other women: Pat, Maureen and Sherrie. (Thanks to all three of them, I’m working on deadline this Mother’s Day. But without their encouragement and support, I wouldn’t be making a fine living as a writer.)

  2. Thank you, Kathryn. My relationship with my mother was so unfortunate I have never wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day. Your lovely tribute to me is much more meaningful than any flowers or Hallmark objects.

  3. What a terrific idea Kathryn. Thank you for the tribute–I’m very honored that I have contributed to your life. And you certainly have added much richness to mine.

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