Celebrating National Train Day Two Days Late

JD* and I celebrated National Train Day in our own way today. (The official National Train Day was Saturday and yes, like you, I hadn’t heard about it until a few days ago.) Every so often, JD and I like to ride the El and each time, we ride a little bit further. Today, we made it all the way down to the Howard station, the end of the line for the Purple Line where you have to change trains to take the Red Line into the Chicago.

At Howard, we got off and climbed the stairs to stand in the station area that spans the tracks where we could watch the trains coming and going from Evanston to Chicago. There’s a lot of action in this busy station and I don’t think she’d ever seen so many trains in one place. Then we got back on the Purple Line and rode north to the end of line “to see the owls.” (They’ve hung plastic owls in the rafters of the station to scare away the pigeons.) Then it was back to the Noyes station, where we’d started our tour. It was our first time making the complete loop of the Purple Line.

One of the first things JD and I used to do–back in the days when I didn’t yet have a car seat and, hence, we were bound to the distance I could push her in the stroller–was to hit the Metra station at 11 a.m. when the northbound and southbound commuter trains would pull into the station within minutes of one another. It was a perfect storm of entertainment: train whistles, big engines, passengers getting on and off, conductors and engineers waving hello to us as she and I sat on the platform having our snack (JD munching on crackers and a sippy cup of water, me with my own sippy cup of iced coffee.) So, celebrating National Train Day seemed a very appropriate “adventure” for us gals to do together today.

Next week, we’re hitting the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Model Railroad Garden. Last year, the “Ladybug Train” was the bomb.


*Since Wee-J isn’t so wee anymore, I’ve changed her nickname in this blog to the more appropriate JD.


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