Tour of Art Institute Modern Wing, First Floor

IMG_2426 - 2009-05-14

Classrooms and meeting areas on the first floor have floor to ceiling views of Millennium Park. The bright orange floor is vibrant and energetic. This is the only section of the museum that we saw that didn’t have the blond wood floors.

IMG_2427 - 2009-05-14

Finishing touches were still being added to some classrooms as we were touring through.

IMG_2430 - 2009-05-14

Like everything in the Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Wing, even the doors are big. Gorgeous warm wood.

The kids’ section in the museum has graduated from the basement of the original building to vibrant, open, natural light-filled rooms in the new wing.

IMG_2432 - 2009-05-14

Griffin Court is the main passageway. There’s an entrance on the north end. Film, video and photography galleries are on this floor, as well as the gallery for temporary exhibits. Straight ahead, to the south, is the doorway that connects the new wing with the old building. Stairways lead up to the galleries on the second and third floors.

IMG_2435 - 2009-05-14

In the elevator, looking up, heading to the third floor.


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