Tour of Art Institute Modern Wing, Third Floor

IMG_2436 - 2009-05-14

The view from the elevator, third floor, looking south over the roof.

IMG_2437 - 2009-05-14

The walkway connecting main gallery spaces on the third floor, with stairway leading down to the second floor.

Floating Ceiling

The ceiling of the galleries on the third floor let in an amazing amount of natural light. The “floating roof” has louvers that shields out harsh southern rays while letting in the changing light of the day.

 IMG_2441 - 2009-05-14
Look! A flying coat rack!
Look! A flying coat rack!
IMG_2446 - 2009-05-14

Each piece is accompanied by a brief but informative description of the artist/period/piece. Just the right amount of information to enhance appreciation of the work.

Short Straw Gallery

In the ten minutes I was in this gallery, which loops the visitor around from one main gallery to another, very view people looked at the art. Everyone instead was wowed by the view.

 Competing for Attention

We decided the curators pulled straws to see who would end up with their art “stuck” here.

Hall of Joseph Cornell Boxes
A wall of Joseph Cornell box collages.
IMG_2461 - 2009-05-14

Picasso’s model for the public sculpture he created for the Daley Center. One of two. Picasso gave one to Mayor Richard J. Daley and kept the other.

This One is for Jan
This one’s for Jan.

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