Tour of Art Institute Modern Wing, Second Floor

IMG_2464 - 2009-05-14
This is the kind of "modern" art that makes me go, "hmmmmmmm.

IMG_2467 - 2009-05-14

A video installation that's akin to a clown throwing a terrible-two-like tantrum. A video loop of the artist, dressed like a clown screaming "no no no" over and over and over. I couldn't stand it for the 90-seconds I was within earshot of it. The museum guard standing nearby had all my sympathy.

 IMG_2468 - 2009-05-14
A pile of rocks as art.

IMG_2469 - 2009-05-14
A wedding dress, bags of cat litter and some disturbing wallpaper.

IMG_2471 - 2009-05-14
Artist Robert Gober's statement helps to make sense of the installation.

IMG_2472 - 2009-05-14
A view of the Pritzker Garden.

One of the Dullest Jobs on the Planet
Museum security guard–the most boring job on the planet.

Fab Furniture
Mod furniture.

IMG_2481 - 2009-05-14

The coffee bar in the balcony overlooking the main hall serves local brew Intelligencia Coffee.

 You Are Here, Touchscreen Version
Interactive touchscreens put a new spin on the old "You Are Here" maps.

3 thoughts on “Tour of Art Institute Modern Wing, Second Floor

  1. I’m always unhappy with those “works of art” that you can’t understand or appreciate unless you read the artist’s statement. Seems like incomplete communication to me.

  2. I am one of those heathens about modern art. Loved your captions, especially “A pile of rocks as art.”
    Can’t wait to see for myself.

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