Saturday 3 p.m. ~ Heading North on Lake Shore Drive


Coming back from our first sail of the season. It was a great three hours on the water, a mixed bag encapsulating just about everything Lake Michigan throws at us throughout the summer: a little rain, a little sun, a little cool, a little hot, a little wind, no wind, a lot of wind. The ting-ting-ting of the pile driver working construction on the lakefront breakwater near Belmont was a special touch. We could see the blimp floating over Wrigley Field.

The high point of the afternoon came when we heard this exchange on the marine distress channel:

Guy on Boat: “There’s a tourist boat threatening to ram me.”


Response (from Coast Guard ??): “Well, get out of the way.”

Ten minutes later–

Follow Up Response: “How’d that ramming thing go?”


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