Calling on My Theatre Geek Friends

Okay, friends, as you can see from the comments, my blog buddy Mike (from Charleston) is coming to Chicago and he’s interested in seeing some quintessential Chicago theatah. I know there are a few of you out there who could lend some advice as to what he should see or where he might find listings for what will be open (and recommended) while he’s in town.

The best I could do is to suggest the theater listing in the Chicago Reader, which will be continually updated with show info and openings slated for the first weekend in August. Any other ideas or recommendations, kids?


3 thoughts on “Calling on My Theatre Geek Friends

  1. I think of these as part of the “Chicago school” of theater and regularly attend productions:
    Your friend’s not coming at a good time for theater though. Most of the theaters are dark and it looks like only Steppenwolf has something.
    I’m not as familiar with the small gems or the outdoor festivals. That’s a job for another geek 🙂

  2. The only production I know of that’s running that far out is “The History Boys” at TimeLine Theatre (
    Theater on the Lake runs good productions all summer, and the location is nice.
    Other favorite small theaters include City Lit, Raven Theatre, RedTwist, Strawdog, Chopin Theatre, Mary-Arrchie, Red Orchid, Profiles and Chicago Dramatists.

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