Jamaica Jamaica is Good Good

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I must have walked past Jamaica Jamaica on Sherman Avenue in downtown Evanston about 200 times before finally trying it this past Saturday night. Everything we had was tasty and satisfying, from the Festival to the warm caramel cake. The vibe was warm and friendly, especially for a storefront eatery, but just what you’d expect from a Jamaican restaurant.

We started with the Festival, which was like a crunchy cornbread beignet without the powdered sugar. Spicy jerk is the name of the game and since I’d never had it before, I ordered the small jerk chicken, which was plenty of food, with rice and peas and fried plantain on the side. The jerk sauce had loads of spice and warmth. Friends had the jerk shrimp and coconut shrimp, which was in a kind of coconut curry sauce. It smelled and tasted great. For dessert we had the caramel cake, which was served warm and quickly devoured by the three of us.

It’s great to find a new favorite within walking distance and based on our first experience, Jamaica Jamaica is bound to get repeat business from us.


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