West Side Market Food Fest Continued

I’m still kicking myself for not buying a slice of this cake. Or for that matter, the entire rest of the cake.

How Great Would This Be With a Cup of CoffeeI’m also kicking myself for not buying any bread.

Fresh Bread!

I’ve never had much desire to try Shepherd’s Pie–until I saw one in this case. And corned beef and cabbage in flaky pie dough? How great would that be?!


This needs no explanation. One of each please.

One of Each Please

I liked the pattern of the andouille casing.

Marbled Casing



4 thoughts on “West Side Market Food Fest Continued

  1. When I am old and a real pain in the butt to be around, you have given me a plan. I’ll move into a flat across from the West Side market which will insure that family and friends will come visit. And. Oh yes. Pacify me with food from the market.

  2. Funny you should mention that. Two other members of your family had the very same idea. While we were there, Ron and Karen hatched the idea of Ron buying an “eating loft” right across the street from the market. Hmmm, I see a definite family resemblance.

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