Buyer Beware

I am now the proud owner of a ninety-day supply of a prescription medication that I don’t need and didn’t want all because the mail order service I get my drugs through won’t take it back. The doctor wrote me the wrong prescription but because the mail order place filled it correctly, they won’t refund me and they won’t take it back. Some lousy FDA rule. Blah blah blah.

So, I’m stuck with three packages of prescription medication I can’t use to the tune of one hundred and twenty-five dollars! 1-2-5. Which is the universe’s way of saying those hours I spent earlier in the week battling wills with a 2-year-old taking her first steps into Terrible Tenacious Two territory, yeah, those were for free.

I called the doctor’s office but wasn’t much satisfied with their response. Further discussions will have to ensue, ’cause I’m not happy about eating his $125 mistake. Apparently, I can petition my health care provider, but I’m not holding my breath on that one either.

One thing is for certain, I will not be using a mail order prescription service ever again. There was a time when using it was not only convenient but economical. You could order a 90-day supply (three orders) for the price of one. Those days are long gone. I’m kicking myself now because if I’d gone into the pharmacy to fill this order, and they’d tried to hand me the wrong prescription (let alone one that cost $125 bucks) I would never have taken it.

Lesson learned.


2 thoughts on “Buyer Beware

  1. Is this something I can sell to some of the druggies in KY? If so, I’d be willing to help you cut your losses–or maybe make a little profit for you.
    I’d say your Dr.owes you–but he/she is probably busy fighting health care alternatives through the AMA.

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