I Flipped My Camera’s Odometer!

Or to be more accurate, I rolled over the file numbering in my Nikon D50 yesterday when I pressed the shutter for 10,000th time and the counter returned to 001! For as much as I’ve been staring at my photos lately, I hadn’t been paying attention to the numbers. I didn’t realized I’d hit 9999 until I loaded the new batch into Aperture just now and the most recent photos I’d taken (of yesterday’s ribs on the grill, slathered in homemade BBQ sauce–more on that later) appeared at the top of the numerically ordered batch. Surprise!

Considering how long I’ve had the camera, it’s more of a surprise that it took this long to get to 10K but there was a time for a while where the G9 was getting all my attention. I’ve gotten back into the habit of using the D50 more and hope to continue that trend, so the amount of time it takes for me to get to the next milestone shouldn’t take as long.


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