My Two New Favorite Words: Surface Graphics

DSC_9961 - 2009-07-03

Over the weekend I put up the flock of decals I purchased from Blik. Since I have a pair of bird feeders in the backyard, including a thistle feeder that's very popular with the house finches and occasional goldfinches, I have something in the windows to keep the birds from smacking the glass. I'm real tired of the gel gems so when I saw these simple bird silhouettes on the Blik website, I knew they were what I'd been looking for. Added bonus, they're removable and reusable.

DSC_9968 - 2009-07-03

Next up, my bedroom walls:

DSC_9980 - 2009-07-03

2 thoughts on “My Two New Favorite Words: Surface Graphics

  1. Let me know if they work. One wall of my living room is nothing but windows. Birds smack into them every day. In six years only one has died. Several were stunned enough to sit in the grass and shake it off. The rest just say, “Oops!”

  2. So far so good. Narry a plink nor plunk on the glass. Hurry on over to Blik if you’re interested. They’re having a sale now, 15% off!

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