3 thoughts on “I Discovered a Robin Nest Outside My Second Floor Window

  1. Where’s the deadbeat mom who hasn’t gotten around to feeding her/him/it? I can see where this is headed…we’re talking eye droppers, hot lamps and crushed worms.

  2. Oh no no no, no Wild Kingdom intervention here. The little family is doing just fine (more photos to come.) There are many periods when the nest is unattended as both parents are out looking for food. They’ll tag team it. As soon as the first parent is done cramming worms and grubs into the gaping beaks, they’ll fly off and in the same split second the next parent lands with another round of baby food. It’s quite amazing to see. With only about two weeks in the nest, these guys are growing fast!

  3. Rambler and I have been checking on the family every evening before bed. He just loves that this nest is outside his bedroom window. I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying it too!
    -Andi (your next door neighbor)

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