One & Other: Fourth Plinth Highlights From Week #1 (#oneandother)

The first week of live art on the plinth is history, fourteen more to go. Throughout the week and during many a late night when I should have been in bed (like right now) I’ve been watching the live feed for One & Other, streaming 24/7 from Trafalgar Square.

Here are my favorites from the first week. All past “performances” are archived on the One & Other website and you can follow any of the links to catch the rerun. (Though there’s nothing quite like watching it live.)

Amanda (Day 4) — Used her hour to construct a sculpture of Antony Gormley out of bread.

Mimiloo (Day 5)Donned wings and threw fairy cakes down to the crowd below. They were eating it up.

Dianne (Day 5) — I’ve never been a fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show but this woman had the largest crowd I’ve seen yet joining her in doing “The Time Warp.” Sound system, head mic, and much enthusiasm–an A for effort. A band of Friday night partiers dressed in sarapis and Mexican hats wandered in, reminding us all that for the next three months, the plinth will be ground zero for drunken revelry in London.

Sina (Day 7) — The first of three great hours in a row began with this woman garbed in a black drape that completely covered the plinth (like a dementor, some commented.) A striking visual made even more so as the sun went down on the square.

Quangocrat (Day 7) — Who knew doing your expense report for work could be so entertaining.

Battychess (Day 7)Chess as social history lesson. This guy, a kids’ chess coach, captivated the live and online audience with personable banter, chess instruction, and the history behind the game while he first played a grandmaster on the phone and then a member of the audience in the square. Great fun.


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