We Interrupt This Nap To Announce That We’re Not Napping

IMG_2538 - 2009-05-20

Lately there are days when JD just will not settle down for her nap. Bouncing, babbling, singing, storytelling, re-enacting the intricate plotline of a Dora the Explorer episode. (I shake my fist at you darn Dora.)

Today, I knew she was tired and in definite need of a nap but none of the usual tricks were working so I resorted to the tried, true and cliche method of loading her into the car and driving around in the hope that she’d be knocked unconscious in no time. Sure enough, it worked. I even managed to carry on a brief conversation with one of the neighbors while carrying JD back into the house. She didn’t stir once.

Until, that is, I but her back in bed and her eyes popped open like the reverse of sleepy baby doll and she announced, “I’m not napping!”


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