They Grow Up So Quick

In less than two weeks, the robins have flown the nest.

~July 12~

IMG_2655 - 2009-07-12

IMG_2658 - 2009-07-12

~July 16~

IMG_2736 - 2009-07-16

~July 17~

IMG_2749 - 2009-07-17

~July 19~

IMG_2765 - 2009-07-19

~July 20~

IMG_2775 - 2009-07-20

~July 22~

Empty Nest

You can see the full set of photos here.


2 thoughts on “They Grow Up So Quick

  1. Hey Katheryn,
    Congratulations on 6 years of blogging! Thanks for the baby robin photos. It’s been great watching them, even though it’s been only two weeks. And I thought the peregrines grew up fast!

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