Yikes, I Nearly Broke the String!

Friends were over for dinner. We cooked up a batch of absolutely delicious fresh sage pasta (purchased in June at Cleveland’s West Side Market) and shared a bottle of wine and good conversation. I showed them some of the BVI photos I’ve been working on and now they’ve gone home.

I’m happily in my usual evening groove. Sitting at the dining room table with the laptop firing on all cylinders: The Plinth is in one window (an “optimist” writing messages to the interwebs while bantering with a drunk girl), I’m listening to a winning playlist dialed up by Genius on my iTunes (built around the song My Girls by Animal Collective, currently playing Atoms for Peace by Thom Yorke) and working on more photo processing, while contemplating watching an episode of Doc Martin on DVD before going to bed and reading the last few chapters of Around the World in 80 Days–a glimpse into how much I try to cram into the last few hours of every day–when I suddenly remember…

Crap! I haven’t posted to my blog yet today! The nine-month run of daily posting to my blog nearly ruined. I know, it’s silly but I’ve come this far.

So, with just twenty minutes to spare, here you have it.


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