Saturday 3 p.m. ~ Productivity

I’m feeling a bit under the weather, so I’m staying home, keeping close to the computer, one eye on the Plinth, the other on Twitter. Being part of the Twitter discussion, following along with the plinth activity, adds an interesting layer to the event. Some of it’s interesting, some amusing, some informative, and only very rarely is it snarky.

Picture 11

As of this afternoon, I’ve contributed enough Twitter comments related to the plinth to rank me on the big board of most frequent #oneandother commenters. You can see it there on the screen shot I took of my laptop at 3 o’clock-ish. (There I am, #9!) A small, and some would say pathetic, achievement.

As a bonus, ’round about 3 p.m., I responded to a Tweet sent out by my web idol David Pogue (technology columnist for the NYTimes) whom I think has the greatest job and the best sense of humor in doing it. He liked it enough to re-Tweet it, so I consider this day a productive one, even though I’m not getting a damn thing done that I’d planned to.


8 thoughts on “Saturday 3 p.m. ~ Productivity

  1. Ah, that reminds me; I was on the Plinth Cam on Thursday (in the crowd, of course) while the Abbey Crunch man was on (surely they tweeted about him?). Yet again I forgot my ‘Hi Kathryn’ sign 😉

  2. Ack! I was actually watching that one! Were you down in the square or up on the sidewalk? What were you wearing? I’ll rewatch and look for you!
    And what exactly was the deal with Abbey Crunch, anyway?

  3. Well, I suppose he was just VERY passionate about Abbey Crunch biscuits.
    I got there just before he took the giant biscuit out of the bag (about 16 minutes in) and I joined in with the first ‘Bring back Abbey Crunch!’ chant. I only stayed for about five minutes. I was standing just behind his wife and the lady in the kimono, black top, taking a picture. Then I moved a little further back, inbetween the black lamppost and the bollard thing.

  4. Luc Garneau’s friend Ralph has a slot on the Plinth on Sept 4 at 5 pm London time. He’s going to talk about the Chicago Olympic bid.

  5. No freakin’ way! This is great. This is a friend of his from long ago, right? I seem to recall him talking about someone named Ralph. And I’m totally interested to hear what he has to say about the Chicago Olympic bid from atop the plinth. I’ve marked my calendar (that’s one I can actually
    watch live!) and will be watching with interest. Thanks Megan.

  6. Yes, that’s Luc’s longtime friend Ralph. I know, should be exciting to see someone we know (kinda) up there.

  7. There were a lot of kids there, it would’ve looked weird, despite the fact I *so* wanted one. I tried my hardest to look disinterested when one landed at my feet 🙂

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