21 Days, 2 Hours and 43 Minutes Until My iPhone — Not That I’m Counting or Anything

People who know me well are quick to ask these days how many days until I get my iPhone and the sad thing is, I can tell them exactly. I’m X-ing the days off in my calendar until September 9th when I trade my mediocre Sprint service and crap Samsung phone for (some would say) crap AT&T phone service and the most excellent, life-changing iPhone. I exaggerate only a little.

There are a million and one reasons why I’m looking forward to having an iPhone, not the least of which is an improved ability to take and send photographs, especially posting them to my blog. Currently, to send photos to my blog, I email them from my phone, dump them from there onto my computer and into iPhoto to crop them, all as a way to avoid the strange bars and white space Sprint puts on the photos if I post them directly. Talk about a 5-step pain in the arse and all for photos that have the resolution of a watermark. The new iPhone has 3-megapixels, the same number as my first digital camera. I’ll be very happy with it.

Plus, with the iPhone I’ll be able to blog on the go, though TypePad’s iPhone app annoyingly crops photos into a square. (Anyone know if there’s a way around that?) And finally, I’ll enter the 21st-century with email I can not only read, but actually respond to from my phone. (I refuse to type messages out on my current pathetic phone’s keypad.)

I’ll be able to keep handy lists, reminders, and recipes (great for shopping); read articles and webpages on a screen that’s loads bigger than my current thumb-sized screen; have my music with me all the time; video handy for whenever; the internet in a much easier-to-access format; and the ability to Twitter my life ad nauseam. Brilliant.


5 thoughts on “21 Days, 2 Hours and 43 Minutes Until My iPhone — Not That I’m Counting or Anything

  1. I’ll have to get round to posting the rest of my massive TypePad iPhone app rant that I drafted a couple of weeks ago.
    The only photos the app publishes without cropping are those taken in landscape. The only other way around it might be to e-mail (or MMS) a photo directly to the blog. I haven’t tried this yet cos I still haven’t set up e-mail on my iPhone.
    How exciting! Are you getting a black one or a white one? I went with traditional black.

  2. AT&T is crap in this area of Virginia. That’s the only thing that has prevented me from getting an iPhone. However, Sprint is phenomenal (plus I get an employee discount…from the company that laid me off a year ago) I’m still holding out with my Sprint service and my Samsung phone (especially now that I am off the 2 yr contract… from 2 years ago (love it!) I keep hearingrumors about Verizon getting iPhones. If that happens I’ll switch… but the “Pre” is looking really good to me for some reason.

  3. I’m too much of a Mac fan to go Pre. It’s been killing me for years now that I haven’t been able to join in on the fun with their latest toy!

  4. I’ll be interested to read your rant when you publish it. While white is the classic Mac “color”, I’ll probably go with black. Will definitely get some sort of case for it though. (Something that can withstand dropping from, oh say, four feet, onto the pavement.) I’ve heard good things about the Agent 18 brand.

  5. I’ve got a Marware sport-grip case, feels really smooth. Husband got an InCase slider one and the smooth coating started to peel off at the corners within a month (but he tends to keep his iPhone in his back pocket).
    I also got one of those clear screen covers – and the guy at the Apple store put it on for me when I got the phone. He did a great job of it too, they are very fiddly to apply.

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