It’s Sad When There Are More People in the Apple Store Than at the MCA

Popped into the Apple store on Michigan Avenue this afternoon and you’d have thought they were giving away free iPods from the crowd of people there. A good portion of them were hunkered over laptops, staring intently at the screens as if they were extras in a NASA control center. The place was mobbed, upstairs and down. Just another day at Chicago’s Mac central.

Two blocks away, in the Museum of Contemporary Art, a much smaller number of people were marveling at the Olafur Eliasson exhibit Take Your Time, a fantastic collection of pieces by the Danish artist. An immersion of light, color, photography, wire, stone, moss, shadow, prism, paint, glass, and water.

Carl recommended this to me, knowing I would enjoy it. The less I knew ahead of time the better, he said, and he was right. Best to be surprised–and there’s a lot to be surprised by. Go–you have until September 13th to be surprised yourself. (Tuesdays are free!)

Interesting fact I just learned: Eliasson was the artist responsible for the waterfalls in New York last summer which I loved (though, unfortunately I never actually saw them.) I hadn’t realized it was the same guy ’til now.


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