Day at the Races

Prepping the track between races–

Checking for messages–

Checking Messages

Zoeling to Win, Place or Show–

 Betting Zoeling Across the Board

The big win of the day! I quit while I was ahead. Enough to buy a nice bottle of wine–

 Big Day at the Races

The crowd was thin for the last race–

Setting up the gate for the final race–

Ambulance Race

This ambulance follows the horses around the track during every single race, which I found rather odd. Definitely takes some of the romance out of horse racing. I learned later that a few years ago there were a number of serious accidents at Arlington, hence the ambulance chasing. I didn’t recall seeing anything like this at Keeneland (the only other racetrack I’ve ever been to.)

And, the reason I went in the first place: Give it up for North Branch–


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