iPhone Home Stretch

Less than two weeks to go and waiting is as hard as it gets. I swear if someone told me I could break my Sprint contract tomorrow for a quick $50, I’d probably do it. There have been about 25 times in the last week when I’ve thought, “Damn, if I just had an iPhone right now, I could do XYZ.” I know all my problems will magically disappear when I’ve got that sleek little computer in my possession.

On the flip side, I’ve dropped my current phone at least as many times in the same time period. It’s probably my subconscious expressing my true feelings for the blasted thing but it’s making me wonder if I should look into an iPhone case made of bubble wrap.

So, a couple of questions I’m throwing out to those of you who already own an iPhone–a question I’ve been asking everyone I know for the past few months–which iPhone app do you love best? Which one do you use the most?

And finally, any advice as to whether or not I should go to the Apple store (my first choice) or ATT store to get the darned thing would be much appreciated.


7 thoughts on “iPhone Home Stretch

  1. Not including the apps you get with the phone (camera, iPod, notes, Safari), my favourite app is the Katamari Damacy game. I also have the free Enjoy Sudoku and the free Card Shark apps, both get used daily.
    The Wikipanion app is handy for looking things up on Wikipedia and I’ve used the Flashlight app a couple of times.
    Notice I don’t recommend the TypePad app. I have a LOT of stuff to do this weekend that I really don’t want to do, so procrastination might help finish that blog rant.

  2. I’m a big fan of the New York Times crossword puzzle. So I use that app daily. You get not only the current puzzle each day, but also YEARS of archived puzzles. Fantastic.
    Every major newspaper has a free app. NYT’s is particularly good as is USA Today.
    Stanza for reading books purchase from eReader and Fictionwise as well as free classics from the Gutenberg Project.
    Facebook, of course. The new version of the app released in the last few days is a wonderful improvement over the already-nice original.
    Pandora radio. Makes you wonder how life got so damn good!
    Things. Beautifully designed GTD synchronized desktop to iPhone.
    MLB At Bat. If you are a baseball fan this is a must have. Check it out, it is unbelievably good.
    If you are a “word” person, you might want the Wordbook dictionary app, though the free Dictionary.com app is plenty good enough too. Vocab Daily is a great way to continuously pick up new words too.
    That doesn’t even touch the many apps useful to my profession (Graphic Design).
    You’ve got lots to look forward to here.

  3. My Favorite apps are Twitterfiric for keeping up with twitter on the go, Flycast for listening to internet radio streams, Pandora of course and my current favorite game Harbor Master.

  4. Katamari on an iPhone! Awesome. We were just lamenting yesterday how we hadn’t played the game in forever. Now I can take it with me wherever I go. Sweet. And yes, I’m already looking for an alternative way to post to the blog.

  5. Thanks for the great list of suggestions. Some I’ve heard of, some not, all of which I’ll check out. You’ve reminded me about MLB–I’ll definitely check that one out. And with Stanza, looks like I’ll never be caught without a book to read.

  6. Hmmm… where to begin.
    Urbanspoon should come as no surprise.
    Mint is a nice to manage multiple bank accounts.
    Tweetie(lots of options) and Tweetdeck (great interface) are my favorite Twitter apps.
    If you can’t fit all your music on your iPhone, Simplify Media allows you to stream from your computer.
    BBC Reader and NYT for news.
    Chess with Friends or Words with Friends are great ways to play a board game at your leisure.
    Now Playing for movie times.
    That’s all that comes to mind now. I just got the new iPhone 3GS so I can have the ability to record video when I’m in France. I’ll send you the link to my blog when it’s presentable.

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