Must Sleep Now

I’m absolutely dead tired and should be asleep now, but must post to the blog before the midnight hour to get this day’s post in. Just a quick blast of randomness before I got to sleep:

  • We new it was a risk when we bought Cubs’ tickets back in May for games in late August and September. At least, I said to myself, even if they’re out of contention (which they very much are right now) it’s pleasant to be outside enjoying a game on a lovely summer night at Wrigley Field. That was before the Ice Age summer struck. This evening it was long sleeves and layers as I watched a losing game in 50-degree temps. I expect that in April, not August.
  • Got a good news/bad news scenario from the vet today. The good news: my cat Maisy’s thyroid condition is treatable with a one-time treatment, which has a high rate of success. The bad news: $$$.
  • Kirsty, frequent commenter to this blog, will be in Trafalgar square in a few hours to cheer her husband on as he takes to the 4th Plinth. You can catch his hour on the plinth live (3-4p.m. London time, 9a.m. central time) or catch it in rerun at the One & Other site. Break a leg Mark!

8 thoughts on “Must Sleep Now

  1. We had they radioactive iodine treatment done for one of our cats in January and I highly recommend it. He had been on medication for a while and we could tell that he started feeling way better after having the treatment done and his thyroid levels are normal now. I think it’s worth the $$$. We got it done at Vet Specialty in Buffalo Grove and they took really good care of him.

  2. I’m so glad to hear you say that. We’re going to the same place to have Maisy’s treatment done. I’m a little concerned about the two week period afterward. Wondering if I should have told the painters to use lead paint. 😛

  3. Yes thanks, it went OK. He had a picnic in the end (which I suggested to him the night before while he was STILL panicking about what to do).
    He had to be there 90 minutes before he went up, and while we were in the office one of the O&A people mentioned about people all over the world watching on the internet and I smiled and mentioned you – and she recognised your Twitter name! And M said hello to you while he was up there (at least twice and I’ve only watched 12 minutes of the feed – too busy!).
    Hope Maisy gets well soon.

  4. We didn’t really worry about the 2 week period after – the only thing you really have to do is use scooping litter and flush the waste. Oh, and don’t let them lay on your neck for more than 30 minutes a day, but that never happens with the kitty who had the treatment.

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