How Counting Down the Days Works Both Ways

Orientalinst5 I can now count on two fingers how many days I have to wait until i-Day–there’s a black 32GB iPhone waiting at the Apple store with my name on it. Two years, I’ve been waiting and the anticipation has been half the fun. But you know that already, because I’m kind of obsessed about it, especially lately as the day draws near.

What you probably don’t know is that the countdown turned a tad bitter sweet last winter when I learned that JD would be going to preschool this fall and that her start date would nearly coincide with my i-date. Yes, I knew preschool was in the future (or as I like to call it pre-preschool, since she’s not even three yet) but I was hoping it might hold off until she was another year older. And no, it won’t change my situation; I’ll still watch her three days a week. She’s only going to school two days a week, a total of three hours, but those three hours are on my watch, which means I’ll get three hours a week less time with her and that saddens me. I’m selfish that way.

Starting next week, our days will become a little more structured and our adventuring will be curtailed a bit as two mornings a week will be occupied by school. I know it will be a good thing in the long run and that she’ll love it and have a blast and that our adventuring will take on new forms (especially when she stops napping) and this will be a new beginning to the next chapter in our story. I’m just glad that while she’s in school, I’ll have my iPhone to keep me company.


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