After Waiting Two Years, What’s Another Few Days Give or Take

Apparently Labor Day is celebrated in this country by buying an iPhone. Specifically the 32GB version in black because stock is low and they’re completely sold out at my local store, so unless they restock tomorrow my plan to jet over after work and get me one is on hold.

More exasperating is the run-around I’ve already received in person and on the phone by the hard-sell, smarmy, one-step-above your stereotypical used care salesperson tactics and misleading info I’m getting from AT&T salespeople. Wow, what a turn off. If I didn’t want the damn iPhone so much, I’d be on my way over to Verizon right now.

On another front, I survived the preschool orientation this evening, something I never would have imagined myself attending in a million years. As I figured, JD’s going to love it. There’s tons of fun stuff to do, the environment seems ideal, and the emphasis is on free and creative play. My only complaint, based on my one visit to the room would be its subterranean location, which would drive me bonkers but I suspect that’s something that won’t even register with JD, what with all the cool stuff to play with and the awesome playground down the block.

Today was a day of firsts: first step on the road to JD’s schooling and my first official Time Out. After years of watching Super Nanny demonstrate “the naughty step” and Time Out, I got to put my first one into practice this afternoon. JD immediately turned around and processed this new information by putting “Finger Puppet Kitty” in a perpetual time out, sitting him on the canister of sky blue Play Dough for “just TWO MORE MINUTES!” Bad kitty.


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