Isn’t Maisy Radiant?

Doesn't Maisy Look Radiant?

Maisy is home safe and sound from her spa treatment. She did just fine and recovered her appetite quickly, the surest way to know she’s feeling okay. Other than a couple of shaved forearms, she looks fine and she’s made the rounds of the house five times, checking to make sure everything is as she left it. In a month, we’ll take her for back to the vet to check her T4 (thyroid) levels to determine if the radioactive iodine treatment was successful.

In the meantime, don’t sit to close. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Isn’t Maisy Radiant?

  1. Maisy and I have something in common….I was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism too! I did the radioactive treatment and then stayed holed up in my bedroom, coming out to mingle with the family only briefly and, at that, 3 feet away.
    It is not lost on me that in not too distant future, they’ll look at this treatment as barbaric, much like we view blood-letting today.
    Sobering to know that after 4 days in the hospital and an endless stream of testing, I could have received my high falutin’, state of the art treatment at my vet’s.

  2. But if you’d been treated at the vet’s, you would have had to eat kibble during your recovery. (Then again, most hospital food tastes like kibble. Never mind.)
    Hope your recovery proceeds apace.

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