The Fourth Plinth: Hours Away From Being History

As I type this, One & Other, the 2400-hour-long art project atop Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth, is just four hours from the finish line. What began back on July 6th at 9am, ends on October 14th at 9am. I spent many an hour during this past “summer of the plinth” fascinated, amused, entertained, and educated by what participants brought to their hour on the plinth. This past month, I didn’t have much time to plinth. Perhaps I’ll dip into the archives on the website from time to time. I hear they’ll be available through the end of the year.

If I didn’t have to be up at 6:30am (my time) I’d stay up tonight until 3am to watch the final hour and follow along on Twitter with all the One & Other twecklers. Supposedly, as many of the participants as possible will be gathering in Trafalgar Square for the finish. I’ll just have to settle for watching it on “rerun.”

Plinth plinth plinth plinth plinth. It’s a great word. I’ll miss using it with such regularity.

Cheerio plinth. It’s been fun.


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