Someone Was Home Sick This Week


Considering JD and I were mostly housebound these last three days, contrary to the photo above, we didn’t have a single moment of stir crazy. We were too busy constructing miniature rail lines, playing rhyming games, matching games, trick-or-treating for tiny pumpkins, and building a fort under the dining room table. I taught JD how to arrange the wooden matching tiles like dominoes in a row (or in the shape of, say, the letter “J”) to knock them all down with the flick of her finger. For the next half hour, she was shouting out letters of the alphabet for me to set up so she could “flick it” all down. “K” was a challenge.

My favorite moment came after JD asked me to hand her down the crayons from their place on a high shelf. When I replied, “Sure, let me get them for you,” she hopped up and down in excitement, clapping her hands while she shouted (totally unprompted) “We’re doing some nice cooperation today!” I couldn’t have been more surprised.


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