Netflix Loves Me or How Lame Am I

NaBloPoMo, Day 2

I am shocked (SHOCKED, I tell you!) to discover that I’ve been holding on to The Lives of Others since January!

JANUARY people!!

That’s two months away from AN ENTIRE YEAR that this disc will have been patiently sitting in my Netflix disc holder (which I received long ago as a charter member of Netflix) waiting for me to finally be in the right mood to watch this film. I mean, I knew I’d been passing this disc over two or three times a week, but I didn’t realize it had been SINCE JANUARY!

I swear, if I had the time and enough wakeful brain cells, I’d sit right down, pop this sucker in the DVD player and knock it off this very night. Instead, I’ll just blog about how lame I am for taking so long to get around to it and then go finish reading the last sixty pages of The Forsyte Saga.

Here’s a little bet I’ll make with myself though–I won’t queue up the BBC television version of The Forsyte Saga (which I am now absolutely dying to see) until I’ve watched and returned this one.


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