My Winter’s Entertainment Has Arrived

My Winter's Entertainment Has Arrived

NaBloPoMo, Day 6

The Netflix streaming disc for my Play Station 3 arrived in today’s mail which means the sky’s the limit for my Netflixing. Currently, on my queue of nearly 400 items, there are only 99 of which can be streamed right to the TV, so I won’t be ditching the mailing of discs back and forth any time soon. There’s still a majority of stuff, especially new movies, that aren’t available to stream.

I’ll see how much we actually use it, but judging from the number of times recently that I’ve turned to Comcast On Demand and came up empty, I’m thinking Netflix streaming, stocked with stuff I know I want to see, is going to be a good thing.


3 thoughts on “My Winter’s Entertainment Has Arrived

  1. We have every movie channel known to man and there still isn’t anything on that I want to watch. I’ve been really thinking about getting NetFlix and ditching the expanded basic TV station. Now there is streaming, too? Hmmmm I’ll have to look into it more seriously.

  2. Having watched one movie and five minutes of a TV show, the jury is still out on streaming. The quality on the TV show was atrocious–like watching a really old video tape. The movie was better but no where near the quality of a regular DVD.
    I’ve heard that titles streamed under the Starz brand are pretty awful, which this movie was. I noticed a few (and only a few) on my queue were listed HD, so I’m interested to try one of them and see if the quality is indeed HD.
    My PS3 internet connection is wifi, and my first thought was that this might be part of the problem, but I’m less likely to believe it, since the problem wasn’t an issue with buffering but a poor (fuzzy) picture quality.

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