Saturday 3 p.m.: Apple Pie

Last of the Farmers Market Apples

NaBloPoMo, Day 8

My sister Jenny doesn’t do a whole lot of cooking but when Fall rolls around, she gets out the rolling pin and becomes an apple pie baking machine. If they didn’t take so long to make, she’d probably bake a pie every weekend. And who am I to complain? With Michigan apples fresh from the Farmer’s Market and a kick-ass flaky crust, these pies are fabulous.

Yesterday was the final Farmer’s Market of the season, which I missed because I was attending H1N1-flu-shot-a-palooza over at the local high school. Jen picked up a big sack of apples–spies are her preferred pie apple–and I got home in time to help her whip up a batch of cinnomony apples and a couple of crusts. No surprise, it was delicious.


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