I Can Improvise, I Just Can’t Remember

NaBloPoMo, Day 10

I have always been one to make up silly, stupid songs on the spot and now that I’m watching a nearly-three-year-old, that skill is finally coming in mighty handy. Yesterday, JD woke up from her nap uncharacteristically tearful. I suspect it had everything to do with the fact that when she went to sleep it was daylight and two hours later when she awoke, it was dark as night in her room.

She’s recently been going through a phase with not one, not two, but three (security) blankets. I find that the surest way to snap JD out of a tearful mood is to distract her with a bouncy, silly song. Yesterday, with my arms full of little girl and three blankets, The Blanket Song was born. Within minutes she was laughing and singing along.

Knowing full well that The Blankets Song would be a Top 10 request in the coming days, I was struck with the brilliant idea that I now have the capability to “record” songs using my iPhone’s Voice Memo feature, perfect for jogging the memory and saving me from racking my brain while an impatient toddler waits to be entertained. (Added bonus, of course, is recording JD singing along.) Sure enough, it came in handy today when I didn’t even have to sing it for her–playback was enough to induce a big smile and a fit of giggles.

So, here for all of your enjoyment, I give you The Blanket Song.


4 thoughts on “I Can Improvise, I Just Can’t Remember

  1. A dear friend of mine does that same thing. Everything is a song. I do that sometimes, too, but not nearly as often. I love the Blanket Song and it was so fun to hear your little one, too. These are the times when I adore technology.
    Kristin – The Goat

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