A Beautiful Fall Day in the Garden

Gorgeous Day in the Garden

NaBloPoMo, Day 11

It was brisk but beautiful at the Botanic Garden today. One of the many perks of my job is the ability to come to the garden on weekdays when the crowds are nil. Sometimes, especially when the weather is colder, it feels like JD and I almost have the place to ourselves.Gone are the days when I had to push the stroller down the gravel paths. Now wee JD’s legs can carry her pretty far over the course of an hour or so–assuming you don’t stop too often to pick up sticks and stones.

Following up on our successful outing to the Botanic Garden over the summer (to see the model railroads–a huge hit with the under-three crowd), JD and I were once again joined by Karen and her dad, Mack. Easily the sweetest moment of my entire week came when JD reached up on her own to take Mack’s hand and they walked along together for the next ten minutes.

Spanning 70 Years

Spanning 70 years.


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