Sunday Smatterings

NaBloPoMo, Day 15

I just woke up from a two-hour nap. Napping on a weekend afternoon is something I never do unless I’m sick.

I’m sick.

Battling a head cold. Sleep is good. So is Thai hot and sour soup–I call it the “healing soup”–another dose of which I’ll take for tonight’s dinner. I’ll also whip up a fresh batch of Srirracha ginger butter, my magic bullet cure all.

The head cold didn’t stop me from attending and enjoying the opera last night, Verdi’s rarely produced early work Ernani. Absolutely ridiculous story but the singing was great, the music pleasant, and the costumes gorgeous. And thankfully it was under three hours long.

Today I met friends for brunch at The Publican. I enjoyed my first meal at Publican this past summer when Mike came to town. (Hi Mike!) It was tasty then and didn’t disappoint on the second go-around. This time I managed to snap a few pictures before we devoured the lot.

Sunday Smatterings

I had the red wine poached eggs with grilled sourdough and bearnaise, lamb pastrami, and a flavorful mix of greens. It was very good and boy, could you taste the red wine.

Sunday Smatterings

We ordered a side of their signature maple-cured bacon, thick, salty, fatty and absolutely yum! This is a place known for it’s homemade sausages and meats as well as an amazing array of beer and wine. As tempting as it was to order up a breakfast beer, we decided instead to have our holiday dinner at Publican and before you can say “iPhone calendar,” we’d set a date in December.

I drink more tea when I’m sick. Lately I’ve been into the Douglas Fir Tea from Juniper Ridge. It smells just like a forest of fir trees and tastes delicious.

Finally, all this week I’ve been enjoying a beautiful fall flower arrangement that JD and her family gave me to celebrate my 2 year anniversary nannying the wee one! Two years! The proverbial time flies and all that. It’s an anniversary I’m very happy and proud to celebrate. I’m still so thankful for every day I get to spend with this amazing little person.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Smatterings

  1. Lamb Pastrami? Apparently I am some backwoods yokel for I have never heard of it. I love lamb and I love pastrami. Just thinking of the combination right now is setting my mouth to water.
    Get well soon. I’m off to lunch, where, in this backwater, I will find nothing even remotely similar to lamb pastrami.

  2. I’d never had lamb pastrami either and it was quite good. You could really taste the flavor of lamb. If you’re ever in Chicago Teresa, I can hook you up with a butcher that makes a killer lamb sausage. 😉

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