Tea Time

Tea Time

NaBloPoMo, Day the Last

While JD was at preschool today, I popped home for a pot of tea. This cold is really hanging on and I’m fighting back with a tsunami of hot tea.

Goodbye November and hello December and so ends my third successful NaBloPoMo. I’ll probably take a break tomorrow, to break the chain and prevent myself from continuing on. It’s nearly time to compile my annual “Best Of” book list for 2009 and I’m way behind in writing reviews so there will be a flurry of book thoughts coming along soon. Not to mention a backlog of photos to process that could stun an ox.

But now, to bed.


One thought on “Tea Time

  1. So glad you had a good visit here. So very sorry about the cold. I’m still hacking after a month and a half of my cold, and am doing tea and honey in the chill of the afternoons.

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