Bogs Boots Best in Snow


The last thing I ever anticipated listing among “My Favorites” was footwear but holy cow, do I love these boots. And pretty much the last person I ever anticipated getting shoe ideas from was a three year old, but I have JD to thank for bringing Bogs into my life. Two weeks ago, I’d never heard of them.

Neither have a lot of people, judging from the many, many comments I get whenever I wear them. I’ve worn them a lot in the past two weeks, testing them in just about every situation they’re designed for. So far, I’d give them a solid-A. I bought them on the eve of our first snow storm and since then I’ve worn them in snow, slush, rain, ice, and sub-zero wind chill. They pass with flying colors.

My feet stayed warm and dry tromping through the snow, gripped the icy sidewalk, and were comfortable for long walks. Because they’re high, I can tuck my pants in and when I get to my destination, my pants aren’t wet around the ankles. They’re lightweight, so they’re good for walking. Best off all, because they’re so flexible, they’re comfortable for driving, something my other pair of hiking-style snow boots are not well suited for. And, I love the design.


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