Fonetik Skrabl

IMG_0876 - 2010-01-01

A couple of friends and I have been entertaining ourselves over the past month playing each other on the iPhone app Words With Friends. It’s a variation of Scrabble that has the nice feature of allowing you to play an opponent over the internet (via the iPhone,) notifying you when it’s your turn. This means we can play a game over the course of a few days (or hours) no matter where we are. (And unlike the Scrabble app, we don’t have to do it through Facebook.)

On New Year’s Eve, the under-eight party goers changed into their pajamas and we counted down the faux new year at ten o’clock. After they’d gone, Anne, Karen and I decided to get crazy and play Scrabble in person! After a couple of games, we rang in the stroke of 2010 playing a variation we called Phonetic Scrabble. Every word had to be phonetically spelled. No proper English. It was a lot of fun and very humorous. (How often do you laugh out loud during a “regular” Scrabble game when you come up with a word to play?) Plus, it’s much more challenging then you think it would be.


3 thoughts on “Fonetik Skrabl

  1. It means that you spell each word by how it sounds (not how the words are actually spelled.) In the case of Fonetik Skrabul, you intentionally break all the spelling rules. So, instead of proper spelling you wud ryte tha werds liik sowe.

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