Lake Calm

The lake was a lot calmer yesterday than it was last weekend. All the action was in the skies. In all, we probably got around nine inches of white stuff. And as I type this, a light snow is beginning to fall but it shouldn’t add up to much.

The small icebergs in the lake are pylons from an old pier (from long before my time.) You can barely see the gently rolling swells of the lake.


3 thoughts on “Lake Calm

  1. Heidi, thanks so much for drawing my attention to this. I’d never seen it before and it’s quite fascinating, on multiple levels. I love how the ice seems to draw around the plane once it’s raised to the surface. What a view this guy had from his apartment and what foresight he had to capture it.

  2. Your pictures of the Lake are breathtaking and a joy to view. Thank you for posting them.
    As for the Hudson, I have an Aunt who became a United pilot after many years as a stewardess, and I have a lovely picture of her in her youth, holding a chunk of ice with the Hudson in the background. BTW, I was tickled to read the movie review of The Fall. I had come across it at the video store, along with the fictionalized When Nietzsche Wept. It's nice to make your acquaintance and I hope you have a lovely day.

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