New Camera Toy: Good News / Bad News

I just ordered the 50mm lens I’ve had my eye on for a very long time. I’m really looking forward to the challenge of using a prime lens, not to mention carrying around a camera with a lens that weighs 8oz vs. the two pounds of my current go-to lens (24mm-135mm).

The good news: A couple of gift certificates dropped the price of the already very reasonable lens nearly in half. The bad news: It’s currently out of stock.

Oh well, I’ve waited over a year, it certainly won’t kill me to wait a few more weeks, and it’s not like having to wait years for an iPhone. 🙂


3 thoughts on “New Camera Toy: Good News / Bad News

  1. K: I just received a fixed lens for Xmas…an 85mm. I too had toted around a HEAVY zoom lens for too long. I still need to get an UV filter on it and then I’ll take it out for a spin. What other lenses do you have? Do you have a macro? Do you use it often? I’m considering one as my next photo investment….

  2. Hey, Heidi,
    I can weigh in on the macro – it’s great. It was my go-to lens for many years. (Now my go-lens is the one in my iPhone. I’ve gotten lazy!) It launched a period of indoor shooting for me (which I’d always shied away from) and also changed my outdoor approaches. It’s a good way to inject something different into your photography.

  3. Hey Heidi!
    The lens I’ve been using is a 24mm-135mm, which I’ve really enjoyed. A good all-around-lens for traveling. That’s the only lens I have, since the kit lens that came with my Nikon D50 is a plastic piece of crap which I never use and am only keeping in case I want to sell the camera if/when I ever upgrade. Never used a macro myself. Maybe that’s next…

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