Delurking Day: Just Under the Wire

So, apparently *today* is Delurking Day. (I Googled it a few days ago and couldn’t find a difinitive answer on the exact date and then I promptly forgot all about it.)

For all of those who quietly peek in on this blog and yet rarely (or never) leave a comment, this is your time to give a shout out and let me know you’re out there. Say hello, everybody, and to each of you, my sincere thanks for visiting now, and hopefully throughout the year.



7 thoughts on “Delurking Day: Just Under the Wire

  1. I’m out here all the time, enjoying each entry. You’re gutsy–posting this. If I did it and no one replied, I’d go into a prenatal position for a week!

  2. OK, even after Googling this I’m not really sure what “delurking day” is – everyone else talks about it on their blogs but no one has explained it – so Kathryn, you can be the first! : ) So far I’ve seen something about flashing, something about giving shout-outs when visiting blog sites …

  3. Hey Alex, thanks for stopping by!
    Yeah, it’s about the shout-outs. It’s a fun way to call out those visitors to a site who are regulars but never comment. It’s a way to let the blogger know there are readers out there they might never otherwise have known about. In past years, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by friends and strangers who’ve been lurking, reading the blog from the wings.

  4. Sorry for being so late to de-lurk, but I was away from internet access this past weekend.
    When you get the chance, I’d like to get an update on how the Legos were received….instant hit? lost in a sea of other gifts? or something in between?

  5. Hey Carolyn. I knew you were out there!
    It’s as if she heard you–after a break in the Lego action, they were back in the rotation this afternoon. I have photos and more to say, but will wait for a post later in the week to elaborate.

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