Learning Curve, Over the Falls

This past weekend, I spent a bit of time exploring the different ways I could upload and share longer form videos. (Flickr is intended for “long form photos” (less than 60 seconds) and YouTube wasn’t the direction I was aiming for.)

I’ve got a MobileMe account that I’m trying out for free, but there’s no way to give photo galleries or videos any sort of description beyond a title and there’s no ability for visitors to leave comments. Not great. Plus, I wasn’t crazy about the viewing size and quality constraints, so it’s not really an option.

I signed up for a Vimeo account two years ago and I’m only now getting around to exploring it. It was a snap to use (though uploading can take some time, so I set it for overnight and left it.) Other than the occasional stuttering of playback, which I think has more to do with my internet/wireless combo, I’m pleased with the way it looks.

I edited this snippet in 2008 as an exercise to get acquainted with iMovie; I used footage of Niagara Falls that I’d shot with my then very new G9. In fact, I’d been shooting photos of the falls for twenty minutes when I suddenly remembered I had the capacity to shoot video at all.

Click here see a higher res version, without the black bars.


2 thoughts on “Learning Curve, Over the Falls

  1. I like Vimeo; it works well for this kind of posting. It snagged a little at the beginning on the streaming, but after that it played well. More importantly, how’d you get Aaron Copland to score this?

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