Sailing the British Virgin Islands, Day 3 (Part II)

The Baths

Monday, 13 April 2009

    • The Baths, a collection of huge rocks and boulders on the south end of Virgin Gorda, is a popular place for hiking, swimming and snorkeling. Popular with cruise ship tours, it can get crowded, so we’ve planned our visit for late in the day. Rather than take the dinghy and wade to shore, (not something I relished doing with my camera gear), we opt to arrive by land, taking a 10-minute taxi ride from Spanish Town.
    • The island night life is getting started early. Loud music is playing everywhere, as we happen to be in the BVIs on a holiday weekend (Easter Monday). Our taxi has to make a bit of a detour to avoid a slow-moving parade.
  • The cab drops us off and the driver agrees to return at six to pick us up.
  • A short walk down through boulders to the beach and The Baths. Unfortunately, we’ve arrived too late to walk through the Caves, which close after 4:30, so we content ourselves with the beautiful beach.
  • Rick, Karen, Anne and Jenny snorkel around the rocks while Mary walks down the beach and I take photos. It’s a perfect time to be here, very few people and great light at the end of the day.
  • We return to the yacht club to make good use of the shower facilities and then enjoy dinner on board, delicious grilled chicken.
  • Unfortunately, Spanish Town is party central this weekend and we’re serenaded by the dueling sound systems of two outdoor bars. Non-stop reggae blaring until midnight. A complete opposite from the tranquility of our quiet anchorage the night before. We all make a note to scratch Spanish Town off our list of repeat visits.
Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor

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