Sailing the British Virgin Islands, Final Day

Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Return Home

  • Our last day. Our 12:30 flight to Puerto Rico gives us the morning to relax on the balcony before we have to head to the airport.
  • I’m up at 5:30 to watch the sunrise. A chorus of laughing gulls over the water and roosters on the island serenade the sun.
  • As the clouds change color, the entertainment of traffic on the water begins with a cruise ship in the distance lit up by the sun, a tanker making its way west and then slowly turning into the harbor and the first run of the day for the water taxi. Then, around 6:30, the first sailboat motors into port.
  • On the ride to the Beef Island airport, our cab driver stops at a couple of the scenic overlooks to give us a view of the surrounding islands and we get another glimpse of the passages we had only a few days ago traveled by boat.
  • Up in our little island hopping Cessna for the thirty minute ride to Puerto Rico, we’re treated to a bird’s-eye-view of the islands and with our week’s time spent navigating around, we can pick out the places we’ve been, flying over Marina Cay before banking around to head north toward Puerto Rico and home.

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