Saturday 3 p.m. ~ Goodbye and Good Riddance

Buh Bye Color Samples

We finally put the Christmas stuff away (as opposed to just shoving it into a corner of the basement) and in reorganizing some of the stuff on the shelves, I came across the boat-load of color samples we’d accumulated during the year we agonized over which shade of bluish-greenish-sagey-moss to paint the first floor.

Half a shelf space was gained when I pitched out about ten pounds of painted poster board. It represented countless trips to various paint stores and hours of painting samples, hanging them on the walls, moving them around, living with them, pondering over them, and never coming any closer to picking a color scheme.

It got to a point where I completely gave up and another year had passed when a flier arrived from our painter-of-choice offering one hour of free color consultation. I jumped at it. In less than fifteen minutes, the designer had chosen an awesomely perfect duo of colors and I just had to laugh at all the time we’d spent getting to this quick fifteen minutes.

Throwing out these paint samples felt really good.


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